Two gogos were bust on Thursday at Boxers Supermarket in Polokwane, Limpopo with R3 500 worth of groceries tucked under their clothes.

The gogos, both in their 50s, were allegedly bust with cool drinks, cosmetics and baby formula.


They allegedly slipped the goods into their panties, bras, socks and skirts.

The gogos pleaded for mercy when shop security searched them and discovered the cleverly hidden goods.


“We’re not actually thieves.

“The devil made us do this!” said one gogo.

A witness told the People’s Paper: “It looks like these old women have plenty of experience of shoplifting because they hid all that stuff like master thieves.”

Supermarket manager Hector Netshikweta said: “One of our workers spotted them shoplifting. They paid for one or two things and our security insisted on searching them as they left the shop.

“I’m very surprised because you don’t expect this behaviour from gogos.”

Mable Mashila (65), who works as a hawker near the supermarket, said: “It’s embarrassing to see women caught shoplifting. They should be working hard like us to make a living.

“They are taking big chances because we see so many people beaten by the community for stealing,” said Mable.

Cases of shoplifting have been opened against the two gogos with the Polokwane police. They will appear in court soon.

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