TWO people were arrested after they were found with a chopped-off head in their van.

They were bust by cops in Mahwereleng, Limpopo, yesterday.


Provincial police spokesperson Colonel Ronel Otto said cops discovered a headless body under a bridge in Mapila in the Mahwereleng area early on Monday morning.

“The body was found by police after a follow-up on information received. Investigations to link the discovery of the body with the incident where the head of a woman was found wrapped in newspapers in a vehicle in Polokwane on Sunday are ongoing,” said Otto.

Otto said on Sunday police followed up on a tip off of suspects selling human body parts.




“They stopped the suspected vehicle in Market Street close to the taxi rank. After searching they found the head of a woman wrapped in newspapers,” said Otto.

The identity of the woman, where, how and when she was killed are facts that are still being investigated, he said.

The two suspects from Mapila are expected to appear in the Mahwereleng Magistrate’s Court tomorrow on a charge of murder.

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