FOUR thugs were bust after they used a fake gun to rob a shop in Nomzamo in Strand, Cape Town on Thursday.

Gordon’s Bay Security, a private security company that operates in the area, responded to an alarm from the shop and arrived while the thugs were still at the scene.


A high-speed chase followed as three of the thugs fled, leaving one of their partners in crime behind.





The remaining robber also fled and tried to hide in a squatter camp.

The three thugs drove like madmen on the N2, but could not outrun their fate when police joined the chase.

All three suspects in the car were caught and arrested.

Police, together with members of the private security company, searched the shacks in the squatter camp where the remaining thug had tried to hide.

The suspect was eventually found and arrested

Nomapha Noyo (36), a resident who witnessed the chase, said it was like watching a movie.

“I never thought I would see this in real life.

“I am happy the criminals were arrested and I trust the law will play its part,” said Noyo.

Police spokesman Captain Joseph Du Toit said: “Cases of business robbery and possession of stolen goods were opened.”

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