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The Zulu princess of pop’s latest music video, Why Hate?, is a personal comment on issues such as homophobia, xenophobia and racism.

The video is the Pump It On singer’s first shot at co-directing and features fans and friends such as soccer player Portia Modise, comedian Donovan Goliath, singer Moonchild and actor Themba Ntuli.


toya delazy

Delazy, whose real name is Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi, said: “I had an idea what I wanted to show. I wanted a video that showed diversity and I decided to use my fans because they are the most diverse.”

The 25-year-old classically trained jazz pianist described her sound as a blend of jazz, electro, hip-hop and pop.

On her video she borrows from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s, Heal the World.

But although the formula might not be new, the song and the video offer a colourful and thought-provoking glimpse into what Buthelezi cares about.

She said: “It’s a personal video. If you ask ‘Why me?’, I’d say why not me? Who else is going to do it; who is going to sing about hope?

“Xenophobia and homophobia shouldn’t factor into how we relate to people. I realised that I have this platform . I hope it changes some minds and opens up a conversation.”

The video, which is from her second album, Ascension, has already had close to 40000 views on YouTube.

The SA Music Award winner said, based on her travel experiences and recent incidents of hate crime, she wrote the song to “try to enlighten people”.

“With this second album people will get a look at who I am. I thought that people should see me. It’s the life after fame and stories from my travels. I’m saying this is me and the things I care about.”

Her next offering to her fans will be a collaboration with comedian Tol A$$ Mo. They will release a song called Zulu Turn Up once she gets 400000 followers on Facebook.


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