SANGOMA Masole sees nothing wrong in a tortoise walking around with money stuck to its back.

Daily Sun saw the reptile with the cash on top of its shell walking slowly into the woman’s indumba in Bekkersdal, Gauteng.


“The tortoise brings me luck. It’s part of my ancestral belief to keep it,” she told Daily Sun.

“If a client brings me money that is smeared with muthi I put it on the tortoise.

“The muthi won’t work because this innocent reptile is blessed.”

She said there was nothing wrong with keeping the tortoise.

“It is also a pet and I love it. It also protects me from evil.”

Gogo Masole said the tortoise can also protect people from witchcraft.

“If people suspect something is wrong with them, they must touch the tortoise and they will be healed.”

Neighbours say they often see the tortoise with money on its back but they don’t touch it because it belongs to gogo Masole and they never take the money.

The gogo said the tortoise was fed only fresh vegetables and fruit.

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