THE Mabitsele family says they’re being terrorised by horny tokoloshes!

They claim the tokoloshes dance on the roof of their house in Primrose squatter camp, Ekurhuleni at night and keep them awake. They say the creatures steal money, poke the women in the family and steal breast milk from a family member who has a baby.


Ivy Mabitsele (53) told Daily Sun: “I believe my family is cursed. For the past 30 years we’ve had bad luck. My son and three daughters lead miserable lives because of the tokoloshes.

“I have a spaza shop, which is my family’s only source of income. The tokoloshes have forced us to spend a lot of money on sangomas and inyangas.”

Ivy said the creatures stole the family’s money and caused her children to fight.

Daughter Wendy Mabitsele (25) said: “I’m well qualified but I can’t find work, no matter how hard I try. I apply everywhere but nothing comes up.”

The family said all efforts to get rid of the evil tokoloshes had failed. Ivy’s other daughter, Nthabiseng Bopape (30), said the tokoloshes had ruined her love life.

“I am unable to have a relationship. Every time I get a boyfriend something happens and he runs away. Sometimes a tokoloshe sneaks into my bed and sleeps with me,” she said.

Sangoma Thabang Morake said: “The family needs to perform a ritual to acknowledge the family history and the ancestors. The family’s path is not clear because a dead relative is not resting in peace.”

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