SANGOMA Bessy claimed she was evicted from her own indumba by a gang of three tokoloshes.

According to Bessy Mafuna (50) from Kagiso extension 11, Mogale City, the tokoloshes, two short women and a short man, are making her life a living hell and wrecking her practice.


“At first there was a naked ghost that would pass through my house, even during the day. Everyone in the house was complaining,” she claimed.

“In February I went into my indumba to throw bones to find out who the ghost was but then the three short people attacked me.“They beat me up and gave me a warning not to come back to my indumba.”

SANGOMA BessyBessy said when she told her husband, he told her that he had also seen strange people walking and making a noise in the yard.“I went with my husband to the indumba but we both ran out.“Since the tokoloshe problem started I have lost my clients.”She said her male clients don’t like her consulting in her bedroom.

“They tell me I’m not serious. I can’t explain to them why I can’t take them to the indumba. For the past six months, I have not had a client seeking help.”

Bessy said when she consults other sangomas, they tell her the tokoloshes in her yard are bringing bad luck and it would be difficult for her to work as a sangoma until the tokoloshes are removed.

“I have left everything there except the bones that I carried with me to my bedroom.”

Bessy’s husband, Eliot Mafuna (50), confirmed they were chased away by the tokoloshes. “I sometimes hear noises in the yard at night like horses stampeding, but when I check there is nothing there.”

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