EIGHT years ago, Qondile’s wife caught him poking his nyatsi in the toilet.

His wife died two years later . . .BUT HER RAGE DID NOT DIE WITH HER!


Qondile Madadasane (52), from Jixini Village near Mthatha, told the papers of his horror one night last week in the same pit toilet where his wife caught him.

It left him with a sore 4-5 and huge pimples on his bum.

At first a sangoma blamed a toilet tokoloshe, but now he thinks it’s the unhappy spirit of Qondile’s late wife!

Qondile said that when he sat down on his toilet he heard a woman sing like an opera star.

At first he thought it was a neighbour’s radio.

But Qondile got the shock of his life when the woman’s voice asked why he was having a poo!

“I jumped up with my pants around my ankles and screamed for help,” he said.

“I called neighbours to inspect the toilet, but they saw nothing unusual.

“Then my 4-5 began to hurt and my bum felt like it was burning.

“I discovered huge pimples on it,” said the still horrified widower. He called a sangoma at once.

“The sangoma told me there’s a tokoloshe in my toilet. He bathed my itch with muthi and poured some in the toilet.” But that wasn’t the end of Qondile’s horrible surprises.

There was muthi in his toilet the next morning.

“I found a wine bottle full of black liquid, a strange brown thing on top and some grapes,” he said.

The sangoma told Qondile to torch the toilet at once.

“The sangoma told me there’s very strong tokoloshe in my toilet, but the muthi made me think it was my wife haunting me,” said Qondile.

He said his wife Nomonde, who died in a car crash in 2010, was a good singer. “I hit her with a wine bottle in a row after she bust me poking my nyatsi in the same toilet in 2008,” he said.

“I think she died with a grudge against me.”

On being told this, the sangoma told Qondile a serious ceremony had to be performed and a goat slaughtered to apologise to the late wife.

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