A mysterious call leaves Yvonne unnerved and Dintle’s fury causes her to betray Mangi. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.



Yvonne sets out to sell a lie which she hopes will result in future security for herself. Layla has to lodge a complaint about someone who doesn’t even work directly for NFH. Scelo and Cee-Jay run with an idea, but reject some assistance.


Quinton regrets a mistake, but doesn’t learn his lesson and makes an even worse mistake which could be life threatening. Gloria receives some sage advice from an unlikely quarter, but whether she will heed it remains to be seen. Scelo and Cee-Jay have a rehearsal for turning their lives around.


Mangi steps up for someone who has not treated him very well of late. Gloria has an epiphany which is clearly going to cause some problems. Scelo and Cee-Jay discover that the best laid plans don’t always bear fruit.


A mysterious call leaves Yvonne unnerved, and Mangi rejects an offer which could have been the answer to his problems. Maletsatsi is blissfully unaware that she is about to be stabbed in the back by a close friend. Scelo and Cee-Jay discover that they know a lot less than they thought they did.


Dintle’s fury causes her to go behind Mangi’s back, and Yvonne has the wind taken out of her sails by an unexpected arrival. Gloria makes Stokkies an offer which leaves him conflicted. Scelo has a light bulb moment, but his enthusiasm is not shared by a friend.

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