David wants a job at Zero11, Bongi gets a personal manager and Puleng finds out that Bash outed Niki’s affair with Themba. Rhythm City.

Sindiswa decides to dump Emmanuel. David finds out that Suffo has disappeared and asks Niki for a job at the club. Lerato suggests to Bongi that she hires a personal manager. Kop finally divulges what Suffocate said when he and Themba were fighting in the yard.


Rhythm CityTuesday
Niki and Puleng fight with each other about what Suffo said. David stumbles upon news that there might be trouble in Niki’s marriage and sets about taking full advantage of the situation. Lerato finds a handsome young personal manager for Bongi.


Doc fights with Bongi over getting a personal manager. Niki gets overwhelmed with handling Zer011 without Suffocate, and David steps in. Emmanuel licks his wounds over losing Sindiswa.

Sindiswa convinces Emmanuel to give her another chance. Worry still abounds over Suffo’s whereabouts. Niki, Puleng and Ntombizodwa come to an understanding. Bash tries to get Niki to flee.

Puleng works out that Bash outed Niki’s affair with Themba to Suffo. Niki receives a loving message from Suffo. Zinzi tries to get Emmanuel to break up with Sindiswa. Doc is furious when Denzel organises out of town gigs for Bongi.

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