The baby strangles Reba in her sleep and Selo, Mickey and Tsietsi get ready to do another gun run Ashes to Ashes, weekdays at 8PM.

Nokulunga begins to feel isolated in her own family’s affairs. Selo feels threatened by Chwepheshe. Reba continues in her downward spiral. Nokulunga and Buzwe go against Selo’s instructions and take her in for evaluation. Disebo and Damian are relieved that they are off the hook with Zungu.


Reba begs the family to take Thandeka’s advice and abandon all to save their family and the next generation. Nokulunga leaves the Namane house bitter. A client shows up with an outlandish demand. The Namane Funerals staff are concerned for their jobs with Chwepheshe throwing his weight around.

This is what you missed on Ashes to Ashes last week.


Tsietsi has no time for Mpho. Reba has the blanket to strengthen her but she’s still hearing the crying baby. Reba gets a mouth-lashing from her twin brother. Damian and Disebo have to deal with Mrs. Sibeko who is determined to resurrect her dead husband, Bidwell.

Reba and Buzwe fight over her insistence that she will not seek medical help. The baby strangles Reba in her sleep. Chwepheshe confronts Selo.

Buzwe implores Selo to take Reba to the doctor. Nokulunga convinces Buzwe not to leave Reba. Thandeka comes to protect Reba. Chwepheshe gets closer to a scorned Nokulunga, while Selo, Mickey and Tsietsi get ready to do another gun run. Selo devises a plan to trick Chwepheshe.

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