SELLO Ramorake (72) lives on the streets of Hillbrow, Joburg and sleeps in a pavement drain.

But even though the madala, who comes from Rustenburg, lives a life of misery he is still going strong.


Unlike a lot of homeless people, he does not live on hand-outs. He wakes up in the early hours of the morning to make ends meet

Sello survives on piece jobs. He stands on the corner in hope that something may come up – and sometimes it does.

“I have no family. Most of my relatives have died so I have nowhere to go,” he told Daily Sun.

“On a good day I get a painting job that will usually pay me R200. That sustains me for at least three weeks. Or I get a job fixing houses or cutting grass.”

Until four years ago, he lived in a shack in Diepsloot but the shacks were removed to build RDPs.

Sello said he applied for an RDP but was told the house which was supposed to be given to him was given to someone else and he would have to re-apply.

He re-applied but has been waiting ever since.

Meanwhile, he has been living on the streets. All he has to his name is a small bag and a blanket.

Daily Sun contacted Gauteng social development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza, who sent a team of specialists to see Sello.

They insisted he be moved to a place of safety, assisted to get an old-age pension and as an older person, have care provided in line with legislation.

She said the provincial government was organising programmes to ensure that the elderly in Gauteng age with grace and dignity.

“We will engage further with the elderly residents of Gauteng. We envisage building a solid partnership between the people and government in the Gauteng region. There will be a huge get-together of senior citizens in October as part of the celebrations for Senior Citizen Month at Orlando Stadium in Soweto,” said the MEC.

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