The screams of Buyiselwa Tyutyu woke up her entire village on Thursday morning. Neighbours thought she had been attacked as she screamed for her panties – but it turned out her underwear had been stolen by a cow!

The 43-year-old from Beersheba near Kirkwood, Eastern Cape told Daily Sun: “Just after I had hung my underwear on the washing line early in the morning, I saw a brown cow running away with my panties.


“I screamed and called for help. Other women came running out to help me but some of them laughed when I said I was worried someone wanted my panties for evil reasons.

“Luckily we managed to corner the cow and used a stick to remove my panties from its horns.”

Buyiselwa said she believed her ancestors were sending her a message through the cow.

“I have a calling to be a sangoma and I accepted it a long time ago but I have trouble doing my training because I don’t have a job,” she said.

Buyiselwa Tyutyu stolen panties

“As soon as I get money from my seasonal job on an orange farm I will consult a sangoma about this.

“This underwear is new and sexy. There was no way I was going to let the cow take it. Ever since my 14-year-old daughter turned three, I have not been with a man. My friends say maybe this means I need to get a boyfriend but I don’t need a man because I always fight with them.”

Sangoma Khandiyeza Noda said: “That cow was telling her that her ancestors will turn their backs on her if she refuses to answer their call. No man will be in love with her because her ancestors are not happy. She must buy brandy and gin to apologise to her ancestors.”

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