ALL that Abigail Zulu wanted to do was set the record straight – but she almost died. The 28-year-old from Rabie Ridge section in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni said she was tired of hearing rumours about her alleged love affair with a fellow renter from the yard.

So on Wednesday morning as the man was leaving his room, Abigail stopped him. She immediately called the other tenants to join her in the unplanned meeting.


She wanted him to apologise for lying about dating her and saying they were having good sex. “People asked me when I had started to date George. They even asked if we were going to get married. I was confused because he and I don’t even talk that much.

“I wanted to hear everything from the horse’s mouth. I was getting tired of all the lies about me. For all I care to remember the man has never even proposed love to me.”

Abigail Zulu
Abigail Zulu says the man hit her with a steel bar on the head.

She said she hoped by calling the meeting the man would admit to others they were not a couple. “I thought this would give him an opportunity to correct the rumours and maybe apologise to me,” she said.

But instead of apologising the man started to swear at Abigail. “He looked confused and all of a sudden was holding a steel bar. The next thing I knew it was against my head.”

Tenant Nonhlanhla Mathebula said the man immediately bolted. “I think he was embarrassed because he had lied,” she said. The man has since vanished from the yard.

Warrant Officer Mofana Masela said a case of assault has been opened. No one has been arrested and police are investigating.

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