The Rock – there’s always consequences to every action. The Popular Hollywood Star took some time to visit Prison and he had the below message… Kinda Sad…

“I came to the prison today to see two young men who were sentenced to our Dade County Boot Camp, but midway thru their six month stint they committed a crime and now both are looking at serving hard time for up 90 YEARS. I’d been following their progress over the past months and today was the day they WOULD’VE graduated and been free young men. Now it’s done and they’re future is bleak. Looked em both in the eyes and they know they f*cked up and there’s a heavy price they’ll pay. It’s also a reminder that no matter who we are or what we do, there’s always consequences to every action.
Keep ya heads up MG & JD. Like we talked about.. we get knocked down, we get back up. Lesson learned. Stay strong.”


He posted a picture of himself looking rather disappointed….

The Rock in Prison

He had more words for his fellow Americans..

A powerful thing happened today… The rate of recidivism in the U.S. prison system is over 70%. Meaning over 70% of inmates released from prison will commit a crime and return back to prison. Staggering. Here in Miami, we have one of the most hard core and unrelenting bootcamp prisons in the world. And our rate of recidivism is 8%. EIGHT PERCENT. I told these young men 6 months ago when they first arrived that the life they once knew, was over. That they would get broken down to their core – physically and mentally in ways they never imagined – but I also told them they would never break. Big difference. They never broke and today they graduate and become free men. Better men. Very proud of this program, its staff and the impact it has on our prison system and more importantly, caring about young lives that matter. Congratulations men. Just like we talked about.. be a leader, be disciplined and earn that respect. It's all up to you. #DadeCounty #BootCamp #Graduation #AGreatDay

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