A shutdown planned for Wednesday failed to take off as citizens largely ignored the call to stay away from work, but the situation was tense as police and other security agents maintained a high profile presence in the capital.

Civil activists had called for the shutdown to protest against President Robert Mugabe’s government which is accused of corruption, human rights abuses and poor governance.


The first shutdown call in early July that in which a pastor, Evan Mawarire of the #ThisFlag campaign and others using the #Tajamuka (We have rebelled) platform was largely heeded, but a second one received a lukewarm response.


The end of August campaign is the third attempt to keep people away from work to register growing discontent with the Mugabe government.

In Harare, workers took the risk of commuting to work even though they expressed fear that chaos would reign.

Commuter transport was scarce early in the morning in some areas, though, with some people deciding to stay at home.

Police maintained a heavy presence in central Harare, with anti-riot detail sticks patrolling the streets while water cannons and trucks were positioned at strategic positions.

By late afternoon, there were no reports of unrest

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