KWANOXOLO Primary School parents in Port Elizabeth are angry. This is after a woman who cooks at the school allegedly urinated in a 10-litre bucket that is used to carry the kids’ food from the kitchen to the classrooms!

Over 80 shocked parents gathered at the gate of the school yesterday morning following a protest over the matter on Monday.


Apparently the parents only found out on Saturday about the incident that happened two weeks ago.

Parents are up in arms after a cook allegedlly pissed in a food bucket.
Parents are up in arms after a cook allegedly pissed in a food bucket.

Another woman who cooks at the school allegedly blew the whistle on her.

Parent Manoya Mnyani (46) said: “We were told by another woman cooking at the school about this disgusting situation.

“She said the woman was limping and grabbed a blue bucket and pissed in it.

“She said the woman left the bucket with the urine in it and when they returned on Monday last week the pee was still there.

“Allegedly she then asked other cooking staff not to speak about the incident and dumped the contents in the toilet. But the other women wouldn’t keep quiet. We want the woman to be fired. She is not fit to cook for our kids,” said Mnyani.

Zukiswa Twayi (32) said: “My eight-year-old daughter has been vomiting since last week and her tummy is running. I suspect she was infected by the woman’s pee.”

Following Monday’s protest, a meeting was held with teachers, the SGB and parents at the school. Parents were told to return yesterday for a report back.

An SGB member said the meeting was postponed as the whistleblowers had not been there on Monday. “They are all present now and the hearing can start.”

Deputy principal Buyiswa Gxongo said the school couldn’t yet comment on the issue. “We are busy with an investigation,” said Gxongo.

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