A TAXI owner was killed on Friday morning in Ekurhuleni. 55 year old Mfaniseni Sidu, the chairman of Joburg Tembisa Taxi Association, was shot dead in Phomolong, Tembisa. He had just dropped his kids at school.

A witness said: “I saw a blue Mercedes- Benz speeding until it slowed down and then I heard gunshots. The Mercedes moved off while the car that had been shot at came to a stop near my house.

Mfaniseni has DIED
Mfaniseni has DIED

“Inside the car I found a man lying in a pool of blood.”

Cops were called and paramedics declared the man dead at the scene. His brother Petrus said: “Mfaniseni has been complaining about a blue Mercedes following him. Now look what has happened?” Constable Jacob Nhlongo said the killers were still at large.

He said that a case of murder was being investigated. The motive is unknown.

Mfaniseni Family Mourning
Family Mourning

In July, a 45-year-old woman was caught in the crossfire at a Tembisa taxi rank and was killed. The shooting was because of a feud between Tembisa Alexandra Taxi Association and Midrand Taxi Association which were fighting over two new routes.

Mfaniseni has been trying to negotiate peace between them.

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