BUSINESSMEN, taxi drivers, office workers and street vendors all line up for a tot of Wilson’s secret s#x muthi.

This is the muthi, they say as they wait for their morning fix, that makes them feel young in bed and keeps their women happy.


Wilson Ike (35) said he has to get up early because his impatient customers don’t want to wait for their fix.

He claims his muthi helps men strengthen their manhood and makes them last longer in bed.

He said he got the recipe from his gogo in Nigeria. “I decided to create my own muthi to sell in Mzansi.

s#x-muthi“I don’t sell it in big containers.

“One tot is all a man needs!” he promised.

Regular costumer, Tshwane taxi driver Sipho Nkosi (30), said he can’t start the day without it. “It’s my daily dose Once I’ve drunk it, I get all the attention I need from the ladies.”

Another regular, Richard Kaseke (33), said once he drank the muthi he felt strong and fearless.

Wilson claimed women could also drink the muthi for energy, but that it contained herbs that dealt specifically with a man’s 4-5.

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