Sugar Daddy stole my sexy beautiful woman – see photos, He told me she was out of my league and that i could not afford to take care of such a beautiful creature. And beautiful she was. I wondered why she would do that to me after all that i did for her and her family.

I was working as a security guard and was struggling to take care of me and my parents. But i always made sure to include Nomsa and her family in our budget. I sent her to school and bought her all that she wore and she always looked STUNNING.


Now i don’t know where i went wrong because after she went to college and got her degree she wants nothing to do with me. I went by her house and i was shocked to see her being dropped off by a big man in a BMW. That is when i realised that the Sugar Daddy stole my woman.

I was cheated out of love by this sugar daddy. He then threatened and told me to keep away from his woman. Nomsa said nothing she just smiled. Women can be nasty at times. I have learnt the hard way….. This is the picture of the woman who was snatched from me….

woman snatched by sugar daddyThanks for sharing my sad story…..

Source: Email

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