Zinzi and Lerato form an unlikely friendship and Suffo realizes he still lovess for Puleng. Don’t miss the action on Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Zinzi asks Doc what happened with Lerato. Later Doc tries to sabotage Lerato further before discovering that Zinzi and Lerato have become friends.


suffo, puleng and nikki

Niki sneaks a look at Suffocate’s will and is horrified by what she sees. Niki is furious and Puleng and Suffocate are pulled back together. Later in the week Bash advises Niki to use her charms to ensure Suffo doesn’t stray. But is it too late?
Reneilwe discovers that Shakes is using her friend and tries to warn the smitten Mampho. Shakes discovers that Mampho’s position as intern is really too low to help Zondi’s artists get on air, but Zondi will not allow Shakes to let up on his seductions.

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