In what can be dubbed as a rare and telling interview Robert Marawa has opened up to Anele Mdoda on Real Talk about his love life.

Even though Robert and TV personality Pearl Thusi have tried for months to keep their romance out of the spotlight‚ it’s somewhat of an open secret.


Over the past two months Robert and Pearl have found themselves making headlines‚ after the actress was spotted with some impressive bling on her ring finger.


Robert-PearlAnele approached the topic by telling Robert that ‘his lady’ had told her that “one of her fingers has officially been occupied.”

The talk show host went on to add that Robert’s lady told her that he proposed in a restaurant‚ it was very sweet and she’s happy.

“I’m sure she wasn’t lying because the evidence is there and I’m sure she showed you the evidence‚” Robert said.

Taking a trip down memory lane Anele asked Robert how he approached Pearl. “It was a strange thing‚ we first met at a Polo event and I was walking to my car and she was driving‚ when I introduced myself‚” Robert said.

He added that they continued to ‘walk and talk’ until he reached his car and they parted ways without even exchanging numbers.

“Jesus will bring us together one day‚ if he does‚” Robert remembered about the encounter.

And much to his surprise it was Pearl who made the next the move.

“I did a tribute show for Senzo Meyiwa and she sent through a message to say ‘wow’‚” Robert recalled.

The sports personality went on to gush over his girl‚ and how it’s not just about her.

“She’s like that. So it’s no surprise that the person is taking a bite out of The Big Apple.

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