The actor says this is because he was treated badly by the owner of Industrial Shisanyama in Polokwane, Limpopo.

he had planned to have the first leg of his birthday celebration tour at the venue but his event was cancelled just an hour before it was due to start on Saturday.


He’s planning to host events around the country and will invest the profits back into his foundation to help needy people.

“I was already on my way to Polokwane when I was told to return to Pretoria to meet the manager and owner of Industrial Shisanyama,” he said.

“When I met them I was told the event had been cancelled as it was not marketed well. I was heartbroken as my business partner Buhle and I worked very hard on the event.”

He said he wants the owner to pay him back the R20 000 he had spent on booking artists.

“I had already paid Vetkuk vs Mahoota’s booking fees, accommodation and transport,” he said.

Oscar Ndzube, the owner of Industrial Shisanyama, said: “We gave them a date and they were supposed to start marketing the event but this never happened.

“Not everyone is on social networks.

“These guys didn’t even print posters to put up around the venue.

“They sent a poster on Thursday and wanted my guys to pay for the printing.”

He said he told Cornet on Thursday that the event had been cancelled.

“My business is well established and is always packed, whether there is an event or not. I didn’t want my regular clients to be cheated out of their money,” he said.CORNET

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