This week, the handsome Sizwe again strongly denied allegations that he assaulted Siyanda or that they are in a relationship, or that he knows him.

Last week, Sunday Sun ran the story headlined: “Sizwe moered me!” in which Siyanda claimed Sizwe moered him.


Last week Sizwe sent us an email stating that “I haven’t I even been in contact with the gentleman mentioned in your cover story from last Sunday”.

He also said in his email: “I’m also a heterosexual male and am not, neither have I ever been in a relationship with any other male, much less the one mentioned in your article.”

He also strongly denied that he moered Siyanda.

“I most certainly have not assaulted anyone and take such allegations seriously.”

But Siyanda is still singing the same tune. Yesterday the Daily Sun contacted Siyanda and asked about Sizwe denying his existence. Siyanda insisted again that they are an item and even after last week’s story, their love is going strong.

“Sizwe and I are still together even after the story broke. He’s still angry and pretending to be fine. Today (yesterday) we’re going to watch the Soweto Derby together,” he said.

According to Siyanda, Sizwe said on Monday on Ukhozi FM he (Sizwe) was invited to give his side of the story, and he said there’s nothing going on between them.

story was origionally posted on the daily sun.

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