ACTRESS Sindi Dhlathu plays the role of Thandaza in the popular SABC2 soapie,Muvhango.

After watching her antics in the soapie, there’s no doubt Thandaza likes to keep it in the family.


Thandaza is a powerful business woman but her celebrated success and brains unfortunately don’t seem to have extended to her love life.

First Thandaza was married to Edward Mukwevho, but their romance was short-lived when the love of her life was shot on their wedding day.

With Edward coming from a strict VhaVenda royal and traditional family, Thandaza was forced to marry her late husband’s cousin, Ndalamo Mukwevho.




Clearly the matrimonial bliss was not meant to be, the arrangement ended up in divorce.

Then her journey with Mokoena men began. Her first taste of the Basotho men kicked off with a volatile love triangle.

It took off with the inimitable Pheko, who got kicked out after trying to steal Thandaza’s company.

This opened the door for his cousin, Ranthumeng, who also fell from grace after impregnating Thandaza’s niece, Imani, then demanded a divorce from Thandaza in order to marry the pregnant girl.

This whole mess almost drove Thandaza insane, especially because she has a problem of being unable carry her pregnancies to full term.

This new scenario then opened the door wide open for her self-appointed hero, Pheko.

Whether by rebound or diminished self-esteem, an emotionally recovering Thandaza rushed back into Pheko’s wide open arms, even proposing marriage to him.

She later discovered her unscrupulous Romeo was once again trying to rob her of her company, Basadi Construction, to sell it to one of their clients.

After being exposed for the non-repented crook that he was, Pheko promised the smitten Thandaza that he would back off from his wayward ways.

Then Thandaza still insisted on continuing with the marriage.

It’s not surprising for viewers to wonder where this yo-yo syndrome is now headed.

But the way things have been going, it’s not surprising if soapie viewers predict another heartbreak for Thandaza.

Not wanting to spill the beans on the question of whether Thandaza and Pheko will get their happily ever after, the actress reflected on her role in the soapie.

Thandaza told the People’s Paper: “As Sindi, I think about Thandaza’s choices. Reluctantly, I have to concede that these things happen in real life, a woman falling for her man’s cousin.

“Not to mention sashaying between the two men whenever the going gets tough.”

The actress added she really enjoys her scenes on Muvhango.

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