Zimbabwean Businessman Wicknell Chivayo has shelled out $58 000 to buy air tickets for Zimbabweans stranded in Kuwait.

“I bought the tickets wholeheartedly without thinking twice. As a patriotic Zimbabwean, it pains me to hear my fellow sisters are being abused and used as s.ex slaves. As captains of industry, it is our
obligation to respond expeditiously where there is a worthy cause. We should all emulate President Mugabe’s heart who has spent the greater part of his life to liberate others and has suffered for that.


“I was told that nine of the 32 women have passports while the Zimbabwean embassy in Kuwait is busy preparing emergency travel documents for the remaining ones.

“In view of the financial challenges (faced by) the Government, I felt it necessary to chip in after the distress call from Cde Paradza from Kuwait on behalf of the Speaker,” said Wicknell.

Wicknell was referring to  a parliamentary delegation led by National Assembly Speaker Advocate Jacob Mudenda and chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs Kindness Paradza
who left for Kuwait at the weekend after it emerged that several Zimbabwean women were stuck in the Gulf country.

Wicknell Chivayo
Wicknell Chivayo

Paradza said the first batch of the young women will start arriving on Saturday. “The Speaker had to intervene following strong representations from families and relatives of the women that have been living under modern-day slavery in the Gulf state, rich in oil reserves. “The women were located with the help of Zimbabwean Ambassador to Kuwait Mark Grey Marongwe. The actual number of the women still unaccounted for
is unknown but it is believed they number up to about 200. So far, the embassy has assisted the repatriation of 44 distressed women back to Zimbabwe,” said Cde Paradza.

Paradza said Adv Mudenda was appealing to relatives and families back in Zimbabwe to contact the embassy in Kuwait on cellphone number +965 65965310 or landline +96525621517/25620845 to inquire about the whereabouts of their loved ones.

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