I HAVE no respect for members of the SAPS!”

These were the angry words of Sophie Mthimunye (58) after cops burst into her home in Soshanguve block AA, Tshwane, on Friday afternoon. Sophie, who was not home at the time of the incident, said her children told her the cops violently stormed the house.


“They said a car drove up at high speed and stopped outside my yard. A group of boys ran towards the house and shack as though they were fleeing something,” she said.



Sophie said her children at first thought they were hijackers. Soon a helicopter was hovering over their roof and police cars had surrounded the house. She claims the police did not ask questions.

“They broke the doors to my kitchen and shack and fired a shot at one of our windows. The police found the boys hiding on our property. One of them was in the bedroom, another was behind the shack and the third was in our neighbour’s yard,” she said.

Sophie said she was shocked to find her house damaged when she returned home from work.

“I could not believe what I was seeing.

“My children stay out of trouble, but trouble came to them. It is disappointing that the people we trust are the ones who damage our houses,” she said.

She said she was advised to open a case, but she was afraid.

Police spokeswoman Captain Sarah Lesabane was not aware of the incident.

“Yes, I know there was a man arrested for car hijacking in the area, but Sophie did not report her problem to the police,” she said.

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