SHOCK AS Naked witch FALLS FROM THE SKY While flying to MISSION…. In a suspected case of witchcraft, Rubatika Villagers in Dema, Seke, were yesterday morning left shellshocked after a naked woman was found in the area in the wee hours of the day. However, Mashonaland East Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza said that the woman was a mental patient.

“I heard of the issue but she is a mental patient.I am looking for more information,”he said.
The unidentified woman was found standing atop a pillar on the gate at the Zvoushe homestead.The elderly couple could neither confirm nor deny accusations of witchcraft,but said the case was unheard of and might also be linked to ‘juju’ use.
According to Anniecy Zvoushe,66,she was suspicious of the noise she heard outside while the dogs were continuously barking.
“I woke up and told my husband that there must be something going on outside but he did not seem to believe me.
“It was around 02:45hrs and suddenly a voice started calling ‘Jehovah,Jehovah’ much to my surprise.
“Baba ndipo pavabva vati ngatibudei tione kuti chii chiri kuitika.Vanga vave kushinha,” said Anniecy.
When the couple went out,they found the unidentified woman standing by the gate and told Anniecy’s husband,Erick,not to go near her.
“She said my husband should not go near her as she was na_ked.She could not say her name but I asked her why she was undressed during this hour and she said ‘Adam and Eve were never dressed in the Garden of Eden.’
“We then called our neighbours and to come and help us ascertain the status of the na_ked lady,”added Anniecy.
Erick,72,said at first he thought that the na_ked woman was an adulterous woman who had been caught in bed with another man.
“for a moment i thought she was caught cheating and hence ranaway naked.
“As you know,you cannot call someone a witch,but along traditional cultural lines,we are told that these people operate from around 12 mid-night and finish their business around 03:00hours.
“I am still shocked!
“I asked her where she is from ,she just said she is the daughter of Majaya,from Majaya village.
“I am still trying to come to terms with this,”said Erick.
Erick said Majaya and his son came to this house at dawn when people were scrambling to have pictures of his supposed daughter.
“He said the father was carrying his daughter’s four-months-old-baby.
“He said the father was forcing his daughter to breastfeed the baby but she was refusing to do so.
“The man was saying his daughter is a mentally challenged patient something that I disagree with.
Majaya,his son and daughter were later picked by police.

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