George and Ginger were so please when their daughter-in-law delivered their first and only grand child. Their son, John, had tried for a long time to get Joan pregnant, but finally decided on artificial insemination. The little boy was now in the first grade and they desperately wanted another child., but were very disappointed after trying for the last two years. The doctor took samples of John’s sperm and came to the conclusion he was unable to make Joan pregnant. Their little boy was not a healthy child and they did not want to take a another chance on an unknown donor for artificial insemination. Adoption was a choice but that would take a long time. They decided it would be better if someone had s*x with her, but who would be the donor. When they asked a good friend, he said his religion would not let him commit adultery. What were they going to do?

Then Joan said, “I know someone who could do it. He is a very healthy and handsome. He impregnated your mom and you are very healthy and very smart. Why not ask your dad?”


“My dad! He is an old guy. Do you want him to f*ck you? I doubt that mom would let him.”

Joan retorted, “You never know until you ask. They are very anxious to have another grandchild and I’ll bet she would agree.. I think she wants it worse than we do. It would not be incest because I am not his daughter.”

John and Joan let the subject rest that evening, but the subject kept coming up during the next few days. They finally decided to ask John’s parents to help them out.

One Saturday morning John called his mother to say, “Mom, we would like for you and Dad to come over this morning for a little while. We have a very important decision to make.”

“I don’t know what could be so important. What is the problem?”

“It’s very sensitive and I don’t want to say anything about it on the phone. Please come over.”

“Very good. I’ll get your dad and we’ll be over in a few minutes.”

George and Ginger arrived at John and Joan’s house. George had no inkling that he would be offered to f*ck Joan, a very young and beautiful girl. He would soon have a surprise of his life……………..Continue Reading this Story On The Next Page…………….Simply Go Below This Page CLICK>>>2

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