THE pavement outside sangoma Dungamanzi Nyoniyasemanzini’s house is lined with big bags of muthi that can cure all kinds of ailments.

But young and old women – locals and from far away – flock to the sangoma for one very particular medicine.


They all know that sangoma Dungamanzi’s muthi for women keeps their husbands and boyfriends coming back for more.

Women speak without mincing their words as they praise sangoma Dungamanzi’s sex muthi.

They say the sangoma from Wattville in Ekurhuleni knows how to ramp up their sex lives.

“My marriage was on the brink of collapse because my husband used to complain that I was not satisfying him in bed,” said Sarah Ndlovu.

“I heard about the sangoma and I came running for help.

“Since I came here my husband is no longer complaining,” beamed Sarah. “I would recommend the muthi to any woman who wants to save her marriage. As women grow older, some tend to lose interest in sex and this becomes a problem.”

Dungamanzi said he collected his muthi from as far afield as Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. When he comes back, he brings bags and bags of muthi to Mzansi. “First we investigate what could be causing the woman’s loss of interest in sex. Sometimes you find others have a calling from ancestors to thwasa and hence they lose interest in sex,” said Dungamanzi’s wife, Mahambangedlela Dlamini, who is also a sangoma.

Another happy customer said her man couldn’t get enough of her. “He always wants me in bed.”

Mahambangedlela said they had so many clients that they sometimes couldn’t cope.

“Some come as far as the US,” said Dungamanzi as he showed the SunTeam a call he received from overseas over the weekend.

Residents say the pavement outside his indumba was always packed with cars as customers kept flocking to him.

“These bags of muthi that you see here are not for sale. They are ready for customers and we have to go and dig for more,” said Dungamanzi.


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