While you’re relaxing post-feast on Thanksgiving Day with some football and beer, take a moment to think about what you’re thankful for. Good food, good friends, good health, good job and of course, good — or um, great — sex. Your leading lady (or the girl of the hour) is thankful for those orgasms too, but what specifically gets her going in the bedroom? In honor of Thanksgiving — and for having even hotter, deeper, better sex in 2016 — these real women share what they’re most thankful for in the bedroom. (Spoiler: it’s not necessarily what you think.)

When You Listen To Her Needs

“Sometimes rough sex is not what’s best. I’m very thankful that I have a man that listens to my needs in bed and not only what makes him feel good. This makes sex much more enjoyable for the both of us.” – Kamii

When You Go Down On Her


“I love when I’m first starting to see someone and he goes on down on me for the first time – especially when he surprises me with it. It’s refreshing and such a turn on that a guy would want to get me ready before focusing on himself. It makes me want to go down on him even more.” – Lucy


When You’re Sexting Her

“I enjoy sexy pictures too! There are so many times we send them, so it’s really fun to receive one as a surprise. It stops my day and makes me want to race home because he’s showing me what is waiting for me. It also lets me know he’s thinking about me. What girl doesn’t love that?” – Michelle

When You Give Her Multiple O.rgasms

“When a man keeps me going after I think I can’t go anymore, it’s the hottest turn on. He pushes me past the point I think I can go… and it’s so sexy.” – Danielle

When You Bring Some Contraception

“I’m thankful for good, reliable, affordable contraception. I’m thankful for a variety of options, too and have tried many of the options. I’m also thankful for Planned Parenthood, where I’ve received most of my education on this topic.” – Jennifer

When You’re Passionate

“I’m most thankful for passion in the bedroom. While, after being with someone for almost five years, the spark can sometimes not feel as strongly lit, the passion and intensity is always evident from the way he holds me, looks me in the eyes and kisses my forehead.” – Janis

When You Go Slow

“I’m thankful when a guy goes at my pace – in all arenas. From comfort level to how he moves. That attention to detail makes the difference for me.” – Laurel.

When You Appreciate Her Body

“I’m so thankful for my healthy, strong body that has the ability to give and receive love. And I’m thankful for a man who appreciates it, too.” – Andrea

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