I JUST love how naive men are. Amused by how they believe that the 22-year-old they parade and show off to their Viagra-taking friends is innocent and eager to please for the R5k.

That this girl has no ulterior motives. That she won’t spike his drink in the hotel room and call her cousin to come get his car and wallet. Why do you men assume you’re in charge when you request a young woman you don’t know to pleasure you? Is it because she’s thin?


These men seem incomplete – even with their wealth, contacts, wife and prime address, they still need validation. They’re still insecure, requiring relevance by raiding creches.

It’s really tragic how adult men are no longer role models for young people but prefer them on poles.
What’s shocking about the Blesser phenomenon is there are syndicates sending out thieves masquerading as 22-year-old students to rob Blessers. Syndicates thrive as they’re robbing amateur Blessers who have no idea the “pretty 22-year-old varsity girl” is sometimes neither female nor 22. Eager geriatrics don’t always realise their exploits are marketed on DVD thereafter, and then he’s blackmailed.
South African journalist and television presenter Kuli Roberts
South African journalist and television presenter Kuli Roberts
As much as you may feel sorry for the Blesser, any cheating hubby deserves punishment. Punish them as they should be at home. The best way to benefit from a Blesser is to steal from him. Yes, it sounds vulgar, but remember this is a man who has unprotected sex with strangers, putting his wife at risk.
Your good looks and petite frame make you the perfect Blesser-punisher, so please look the part and act like a lady. Start off by ensuring your fingerprints are never found – get yourself some gloves for winter. A weave, or some Indian hair under a hat, will also ensure you remain anonymous and so will the wrong shoe size. They may hurt but remember the aim is to leave no trace.
It’s very rare that a Blesser will take you to his matrimonial home, so his love nest is the first place where the whoring married man should be taught to stay at home. To punish a Blesser you have to get his home burgled, secretly record the sex and blackmail him as you’re only 17. Blessers should be punished – as they can afford lawyers.

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