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The bank robbers made their getaway with an alleged R3 million, as posted to Facebook by Intelligence Bureau SA.

Some of the comments related to the post:


Tshepo Pootona I hope they catch those bloody millionaires…. I mean bloody thieves

Candice Lizelle Gabagas This is clearly a well orchestrated job… it’s not a ATM bombing either… I see all the cash canisters laying neatly on the floor with no sign of debri from an explosion so this tells a couple of things… they must of had access to the combinations and time delays. They knew how to disarm the alarms because as soon as you enter a secure cash area the alarm will go off… all signs of an inside job


Jacqueline Leach 7 ATM’s what a joke its embarrasing. I wonder if standard bank will bother to investigate as no bank investigates cloning of customers cards

Siphiwe Miya These Guys 2day are on the way Back to STD Bank to invest same Money, and I promise you they won’t ask dem no Questions!

Steve Chambers There’s no security in money anymore

Thabiso Kgampe The italian job doesn’t come close to this! this is the South African job *inside job*


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