Security Guard thrown into FIRE by ROBBERS Fingers Melted. 38 year Mzohle Mpambo’s life will never be the same. His face and fingers melted in a fire after he was hit over the head by tsotsis!

Mzohle (38) was working night shift as a security guard when he was attacked in the Dal Josafat industrial area of Mbekweni, Paarl in November last year.

Mzohle Mpambo
Mzohle Mpambo

“I made a fire to keep warm. I was wearing earphones so I didn’t hear the robbers’ approaching me from behind. They hit me on my head and I fell face down into the fire. When I woke up I was in severe pain and had to use my left hand to crawl out of the fire because my right hand had melted. I screamed and someone came out of a caravan to help me.”

His left eye also melted in its socket. He was treated in Tygerberg Hospital for two months after the incident.

“I worked as a gardener at the company. One day my boss told me that I would be working as a guard between 6pm and 6am every day, and not as a gardener anymore. He didn’t give me a weapon to protect myself,” said the father of three.

Mzohle’s twin brother, Zolile Mpambo, said: “Mzohle was a good worker before the incident but now he just sits at home. His boss gave him only R5 000 to compensate for his injuries. The money is too little for the damage he suffered on duty.”

VS Tech owner Gerald van Schalkwyk confirmed that Mzohle worked for him.

“He worked for me for about a year. I asked him to work night shift because he is epileptic and the summer heat was hard on him. He was not supposed to make a fire in the yard. I haven’t stopped helping him. He recently asked for money to go to hospital and I provided it,” said Van Schalkwyk.

Labour spokeswoman Candice van Reenen said: “We take safety at work very seriously. Employers need to report injuries on duty within seven days.”


-Daily Sun

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