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The game reserve managing executive‚ Glenn Phillips‚ said the helicopter with three park officials on board had been on aerial lookout for a rhino and her calf‚ believed to be outside the West of Orpen Gate‚ when the incident happened.

The rhinos were spotted outside the park and “a helicopter was dispatched to locate the animals in order to guide the game capture team on the ground”.


Phillips said the team was searching for the animals when the helicopter suddenly lost power and the engine failed.

“The pilot was forced to carry out an immediate emergency landing which he did successfully with no injuries or further damage to the aircraft.”

He said they were grateful that the rangers were all safe‚ and “grateful that the game capture team managed to recover the animals and ensure their safe return to the park”.

The helicopter was being inspected to determine the cause of the engine failure.Helicopter+xgold


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