Tshwane kasi people have just invented speed dating with a happy ending. The shindigs are called Mavuso at which g-strings with no strings attached and strangers bonk for a fee.

This type of stokvel is only found in and around Tshwane. It is a soft form of prostitution in which a man and a woman, either known to each other or complete strangers, engage in a s_exual transaction under the pretenses of a speed ‘date’. It involves negotiations in which the two agree to a certain fee for spending the night together, preceded by partying or attending social functions together as a couple.


We paid a visit to the popular stokvel on Monday but it’s founding members and founding memebers denied the gathering was solely to help lusty men find willing partners for a fee. It was held in a village in Marokolong , Hammanskraal, north of the capital. The men, who refused to be interviewed on record said they established the Mavuso to boost each other financially as they were mostly start-up businessmen. They said the stokvel, held only on Monday night helped them raise finds for their prospective businesses.

However, just before midnight, an announcement was made through the PA to tell the patrons of the predetermined price for the night. ‘Mavuso a kajeno ke R150. Ba ba nyakang B&B ke R250’ (Today’s price is R150. Those who want B&B it’s R250) a voice announced through the loudspeaker. The announcer also informed the young crowd of mostly young women and men gathered in the large white tent where the next installment of the popular social gathering was going to be held.

sex stokvels

A woman who did not want to be identified said, ‘ Here at Mavuso everything is clear and straight forward. Once the announcement for the price has been made, everyone knows. At other taverns, men will buy you drinks and expect you to sleep with them for free. But here, we are safe because everyone knows why they are here’. A man who only identified himself as Mingus said he preferred to pick up women as Mavuso stokvels because there was no risk a woman would turn around and claim she was raped. ‘Some women are very silly out there. She will agree to sleep with you and when you take her home, in the morning she would demand money out of the blue and when you don’t have t, she would go to the police and claim you raped her. But at Mavuso, everyone knows what’s going on and the stokvel management determines the fee for every Monday’

More and more women and men kept pouring at the venue while others who had been there earlier concluded their deals.

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