SHE was desperate for money to erect a tombstone for her son who died several years ago.

So when Priscilla Tau (55) saw an advert in a newspaper for a sangoma who promised to help people get rich quickly, she went to see him.


But today she’s R800 poorer. Instead of having millions, she only has sorghum beer, muthi and two eggs to show for it!

Sad Priscilla, from Kagiso in Mogale City, said she wanted to warn SunLanders of how this sangoma cooked up his plan.

She said the Joburg sangoma gave her the two eggs, muthi and sorghum for which she paid R800.



“He told me to put the eggs and muthi in a big bag and I would get R1 million in a matter of days.”

Priscilla said she was told to appease her ancestors with the beer.

Priscilla said the sangoma told her not to open the bag too often but just once every three days to check if there was anything.

“He said if I opened it too often I would disturb the ancestors.”

Priscilla waited . . . and waited . . . and waited, but nothing happened.

Nine days later she phoned the sangoma to tell him there was still no money.

“He told me not to hurry but to give the ancestors a chance.”

But no matter how long she waited, no money would appear.

The sangoma has in the meantime stopped answering her calls.

“I think I became too desperate. I told him I wanted my money back but he no longer takes my calls.

“I want to warn other people not to fall for these tricks. Some sangomas are fake. They place adverts to scam innocent people.”

Kagiso police spokesman Warrant Officer Solomon Sibiya said Priscilla could open a case of theft under false pretences but the problem was that she gave the money to the sangoma willingly.

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