The residents’ frustrations over unexplained power cuts, and no clear communication from the municipality as to when the problem would be fixed, led to a protest yesterday.

Angry protesters of Tshepisong in Joburg barricaded the roads, making it difficult for motorists to pass.


Andile Ndibi said the area was without electricity for the entire weekend, and what’s even worse is that no one listened to their concerns.

Tshepisong kasi residents
Tshepisong kasi residents took to the streets yesterday to protest over power cuts and a lack of communication.

“We phoned Eskom and City Power but no one came to explain why we were experiencing power cuts.”

Andile said their power came on at about 5am, but for less than 30 minutes. He said after that it was switched off for the whole day.

“The power came back at night when everyone was asleep,” he said.

“We are tired of phoning the municipal offices, so we decided to take to the streets as it’s the only way to get them to listen.”

Prudence Booi (37) said the area was affected by electricity problems every year.

“We don’t have proper service delivery in our area. The roads are bad and no one even thinks of fixing them.

“President Jacob Zuma told the nation there would be no load shedding this year. I don’t know whether we’re part of the same nation or we whether we’re living in another country,” said Prudence.

Taxi drivers tried to get the protesters to let them pass, especially on Impala Road, which is one of their main commuter routes to different destinations, including Leratong Hospital.

Leratong Drivers chairman Mpho Muthakhi (39) said dozens of commuters were left stranded at the taxi rank.

“Protesters were stoning motorists and we couldn’t risk the safety of commuters.

“We begged the protesters to open the road, but they refused.”

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