Reneilwe and Sifiso hit a snag in their relationship and Zinzi discovers the secret her parents have been hiding. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

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Monday, 31 August
Lerato is surprised when Bongi humbles herself and lets Lerato shine. Lerato is suspicious of Bongi’s motive but Bongi seems deeply sincere.  Reneilwe is embarrassed and mortified at the thought of having slept with Bash and Bash isn’t about to tell her what really happened.  Mampho tries to support Shakes in connecting with Zondi again but Zondi reveals his true colours.

Tuesday, 1 September
Reneilwe is doing her best to avoid Sifiso but he tracks her down. Doc wants to send Zinzi to boarding school again. Zondi puts increasing pressure on Shakes to push his artists on air.  Bash continues to rag Reneilwe about their supposed romance. Zinzi flees to her mother. She sings her a lullaby which brings back some very disturbing memories.

Wednesday, 2 September
Shakes has been nominated for a Sparkle Award, but Mampho is concerned about him falling under Zondi’s spell again. Lerato covers for Zinzi with Doc. People are beginning to drop hints to Sifiso that something happened with Bash and Reneilwe.

Thursday, 3 September
Mampho worries that now Shakes is becoming a star there won’t be a place for her in his life.  Reneilwe’s guilt eats away at her until she confesses that she cheated with Bash.  Zinzi discovers the secret her parents have been hiding her whole life.

Friday, 4 September
Doc tells Zinzi an edited version of how her brother Kwanele died. She blames Bongi for her brother’s death and understands why Doc wants her to have nothing to do with her mother. But when she speaks to Solomon, he reveals a side of the story her family didn’t tell her. Sifiso flattens Bash for sleeping with Reneilwe and then Bash says he didn’t and only said so to get back at Reneilwe for insulting him. Although it turns out nothing happened, things are still awkward between Reneilwe and Sifiso. Mampho’s insecurities grow when the newspaper names Shakes Jozi’s most eligible bachelor. He tries to reassure her that he’s only got eyes for her.

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