Actress, DJ and TV presenter Pearl Thusi has inspired no less than three songs by local rappers.

Controversial Eastern Cape-born rapper eMtee Da Hustler, Issa Matthews and VibeLife SA have all written “odes” to the beauty.


While the sultry entertainer is known for her beauty, twerking and being arguably South Africa’s favourite “Clapback Queen” on social media, the rappers maintain that it is her work ethic and “hustle” that resonates with them.

“She’s an inspiration to a lot of females.and even to me [because] she does a whole lot of things,” said eMtee of how Thusi caught his eye.

“[It’s] her hustle, her being as busy as she is,” he said.

Matthews agrees, saying that it’s Thusi’s “hustle and work ethic” that inspired him, while Andrew Mohlobo of VibeLife SA says his song came about simply because “she’s special and she’s my favourite presenter”.

While all three songs have captured the attention of trap [a genre of music] and Thusi fans alike, the version by eMtee, real name Mtebeni Ndevu, has garnered the most acclaim as he has released a video featuring the Live AMP presenter.

“I met her when we shot the video for the song,” said Ndevu. “It was a great experience [because] she took my video seriously – as seriously as she takes her other stuff she’s a cool person.”

While the Roll Up hitmaker may have beaten the other musicians to the punch by featuring Thusi in his video first, Matthews maintains that doesn’t deter him from wanting to have the Mamma Pantha, as she is also known, in his own video for the song.

“Right now we’re in talks with Pearl’s people, so I can’t really say if I will have her in my video, but I would love to,” he said.

Matthews admits that he feels pressure due to eMtee having a video with the muse.

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