A 54-year-old man who repeatedly raped a 15-year-old mentally challenged girl‚ making her pregnant‚ has been jailed by the Empangeni Regional Court.

Bhekumuzi Manzini was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment this week for the crime at Obizo reserve‚ Empangeni.


Police Captain Nqobile Gwala said the rape dated back to October 2014‚ when the girl was approached at home by Manzini.

He offered her fruit before raping her. He then threatened the victim not to report it to anyone. He continued to rape her‚ “up until the victim fell pregnant in November 2014”.




When the victim’s aunt noticed that she was not feeling well‚ and questioned her‚ Capt Gwala said “the victim broke her silence that Manzini used to rape her when there was no one at home and it was discovered that she was also pregnant”.

“Manzini was questioned‚ he denied the allegation and threaten to kill them.”

A DNA test was done and linked him to the crime.

He was arrested in November 2014. His bail application was denied and was remanded in custody until he was sentenced.

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