US reports claim that rapper Fetty Wap has found himself in a spot of music trouble that he probably didn’t see coming

According to TMZ‚ the rapper and his producer are being sued by a really angry Danish producer who is coming for the only Fetty Wap track you probably know‚ the artist’s mega-hit Trap Queen.


rapper Fetty WapNoooo! Not Trap Queen!

Fetty dominated the world’s dance floors in 2015 with the hit. But that hasn’t stopped producer Lazar Lakic from claiming that the song’s beat belongs to him.

Lazar claims that he was sold the exclusive rights to the beat in 2014 by producer Tony Fadd‚ but later heard it on Trap Queen!

Lazar said that Tony called him in January 2015 to try buy back the beat‚ but the Danish producer refused. Now Lazar wants a cut of the track’s profits.

In fact‚ Lazar is so gatvol he apparently wants all copies of Trap Queen to be destroyed! Eish!

Fetty’s lawyers told TMZ that the star bought the beat from Tony and if Lazar is awarded damages against them‚ they will go after Tony to cover it.

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