President Jacob Zuma MISLED the Nation on Marikana Report on Thursday night‚ he had misled the nation with his statement that “the commission found that the executive played no role in the decision of the police to implement the tactical option on 16 August 2012”‚ The Democratic Alliance (DA) said on Friday.

“The commission went to great lengths to emphasise that as a result of evasive and unhelpful testimony‚ specifically from the national police commissioner‚ and an inability to obtain the requisite evidence‚ it was ‘unable … to find positively in minister (Nathi ) Mthethwa’s favour’.”


Also‚ the party said in its statement‚ “the DA believes that both the minister of police at the time‚ Mthethwa‚ and national police commissioner‚ Riah Phiyega‚ should be summarily dismissed and investigated for their criminal liability in the massacre.”

The Farlam Commission’s Report had failed in assigning due political responsibility for the Marikana massacre‚ denying the families of victims the justice they rightly deserved and had waited three years for. “Marikana represents the lowest point in the history of our democracy and a test of the political will of the ANC to uphold the principles of justice and equality before the law on which it is based. Without accountability our democratic endeavour will not succeed‚” the DA said.

“Section 206 of the Constitution places the political responsibility for the actions of the South African Police Service (SAPS) squarely in the hands of the minister of police.”

Further to this‚ the commission found that “operational and managerial control of the police falls within the functions of the National Commissioner‚” as per section 207 of the Constitution.

“Yet instead of admitting responsibility and stepping down‚ Phiyega’s response to the massacre has been one of disdain for the investigative process and disregard for the loss of life.

“When Phiyega addressed SAPS officers on August 17 2012‚ she disgracefully congratulated those responsible‚ stating that ‘… whatever happened represents the best of responsible policing. You did what you did‚ because you were being responsible‚ you were making sure that you continued to live your oath of ensuring that South Africans are safe’.”

“This dismissive remark epitomises government’s response to Marikana‚ with not a single member of the executive taking responsibility for the entire tragedy.”

The DA said the fact was Phiyega and others “took a decision they knew would result in bloodshed‚ failed to stop the operation when the shooting had began‚ left miners to die without medical help‚ congratulated the police for their tactics‚ and went to great lengths to mislead the Farlam Commission”.

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