Belinda Louw, the pregnant woman who was run over at a car wash in Pretoria on August 13, was laid to rest with her unborn son Ryan in her arms on Thursday.

The service was held at the NG Church Wonderboom South


Louw died eight days after an employee at the car wash at the Sasol filling station in Gezina, Pretoria, ran her over by accident in a Toyota Fortuner while she was waiting for her car to be washed.

She was 38 weeks pregnant with her first-born. Ryan was supposed to have been born through a Caesarean section a week after the incident but he did not survive.



Her fiancé and Ryan’s dad Corné Hitge wrote a letter to her in the funeral notice:

“To my darling,

“Words cannot describe how much I love you and how much I will miss you! You were my motivation.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know somebody who has a good heart. I will love you forever.”

On the back page of the funeral notice family and friends said goodbye to Ryan.

“No picture will ever be taken of his christening, his first birthday, his first day in school, his matric farewell, his 21st birthday, his wedding day.

“We will miss everything about you, dearest little Ryan.

“But we know a little dark-haired boy is skipping in heaven, joy beaming from his face because he was just on Jesus’ lap.”

The police are investigating a case of culpable homicide.

The employee, who was not authorised to drive the vehicle, has been fired.

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