THE pastor tried prayer to heal his wife’s meningitis – but it killed her.

Now her angry brother in Joburg’s Diepsloot wants him charged with murder.


He said his sister had a severe head pain and was diagnosed at hospital with meningitis. Doctors gave her medicine to take for a week and promised she would feel better.

But her pastor allegedly made her leave hospital. The brother said the husband boiled water, covered her in blankets and prayed. The steam caused third-degree burns over three-quarters of her body. The pastor allegedly bandaged her and kept her at home for a day before taking her to hospital, where she died the next day.

“If my sister had been left at the hospital, she would be alive today,” said the angry brother. The dead woman’s sister (47) said: “Why did he keep her away from hospital?”

The pastor said: “I am not going to talk about this to people that I don’t know.” Then he hung up.

Constable Patrick Matsi said: “The results of the post mortem will determine whether he will be charged for murder or not.”

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