Local GAMBLERS are reportedly flocking a local church prophet following reports that he is offering salt for use in their exploits. Reports are that snooker players and other sports players are taking their tools of trade to prophet Emmanuel Mwale after a darts player struck gold after he was given salt that he used on his darts.
This has reportedly spread to others seeking fortune that they have sought the services of the prophet. Controversy has surrounded the ‘mysterious’ salt but Mwale said it is just prayer.
“This is just salt,we prayed for it to all our congregants for use in any situation.In this case he just used the salt on his darts and the results were positive to him.We just prayed for the salt,the same way we pray for water and give to our congregants for use in any situation.
“He is not alone,others have also come with their wares and we have prayed for them and the response has been positive.Salons and shop owners have also brought their wares.Salt is used in any situation,home,work or car,it is the biggest weapons against all sorts of demonic attacks,” he said.
Prophet Mwale is not new to such claims as he once claimed that he anoints cars so that whoever drives in them will not encounter road accidents.He has also grabbed headlines for claim that he sell anointed stands which he said scare away spirits that cause disturbances in the home.

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