2 police officers got caught shoplifting at the Vodacom store in Cradlestone Mall. The warrant officer and a constable, were caught red handed with a set of head phones and a USB modem according to the Krugersdorp News.

One of the officers claimed that she would call her boyfriend, another police officer and her boss. The Krugersdorp News later found out that she was allegedly in a relationship with her station commander.


The constable wasn’t exactly cool with getting caught, yelling, “F@#k you black people. You are always making a noise. I am coming back for you, I will get you,” at the staff who caught her.

After the shop called the police, two other officers tried to interfere with the scene – one of them offering the staff a bribe.

“It is up to you. We can delay this until your manager arrives. We are willing to pay, we can go double. Or you can proceed with the statement,” the officer kept saying.

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