Zimbabwe – Phillip Chiyangwa released from Hospital after Surgery. Popular businessman Philip Chiyangwa, who was injured when a fire tore part of his Borrowdale mansion on Friday has been released from hospital after undergoing a minor surgery.

Chiyangwa sustained a deep cut on his the arm which was caused by some broken glasses but the King of Selfies said, “it is not all that serious.”


Phillip Chiyangwa in hospital“I am just coming from the theatre where I went through a minor surgery, and I am feeling better.

Chiyangwa told a local news website that, “I am at home relaxing a little bit.”

He says he is recovering well and does not suspect foul play in the incident. He said he was still in pain but his condition was stable and he would be discharged soon. Chiyangwa blamed the fire on an electrical fault exacerbated by the high power voltage at the house.

Chiyangwa said he sustained deep cuts to his left leg after he stepped on broken window panes while trying to put out the fire, whose damage is yet to be quantified.

“I am not suspecting any foul play because it was purely an accident. The cause of the fire had to do with some wires that got into contact and there was a big explosion because of the high power in the house.

“After the explosion, the fire spread fast to the furniture and curtains in the (master bedroom). As I tried to put it out and save some documents, thick smoke blinded me, so I ended up stepping on the broken window panes, injuring my leg in the process.”

“When I came here, my leg was sutured; it is healing well. I am still in pain, but not too much, though. I did not lose a lot of blood and the doctor has said I have enough blood to be out of danger.”

Chiyangwa’s ‘White House’ mansion went up in smoke on Friday with the fire brigade saying the inferno was likely caused by electrical fault. The worst hit parts of the mansion included the main bedroom, kitchen, lounge and a downstairs office.

Chiyangwa house burnt Chiyangwa house burnt

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