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People not HAPPY with Cell C Dog Humping Ad. You have probably already seen the new Cell C ad with the dog humping the man’s leg. The ad, which started airing on TV about a week ago, is already stirring up controversy.

cell c ad


Some people are not happy about the “you are getting screwed” angle of the ad which shows a dog go at a man’s leg every time he has to cough up big amounts of cash.

According to Netwerk24 the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) has received more than 100 complaints about the ad.

The ad has had mixed reaction on social media with some praising the honest approach while others are shocked to their core.

“Agree 100%! I am shocked that advertising has gone to THAT level to get people’s attention! @CellC @cellc_support,” @FloozeSorina tweeted.

“Ha ha, the #CellCAd is funny for days… They should have used an elephant instead of a dog though,”@someRicky tweeted.

Watch the video here….


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  • Madzibaba Phidza


  • Madzibaba Phidza

    I am not offended its just having fun