Pearl Modiadie new man is CHEATING – Love Triangle. Pearl Modiadie’s happiness might be short-lived. The man she introduced to us as the new man in her life, might be leading a double life . . .

Two weeks ago, Nkululeko Buthelezi accompanied Pearl to an A-list event in Jozi.


Today, Sunday Sun revealed that Nkululeko is Piwe Mnyakama’s baby daddy and is suspected to have an estranged wife.

Pearl Modiadie, Nkululeko Buthelezi, Piwe Mnyakama love triangle
Pearl Modiadie, Nkululeko Buthelezi, Piwe Mnyakama

A source said she literally dropped the paper when she saw the story last week.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! This after Piwe had been worried that Nkululeko has Pearl’s picture on his profile. We told her not to worry. The story in the Sunday Sun confirmed her suspicions,” the source said.

Piwe, who holds an honours degree and apparently works in human resources, has a son from a previous relationship as well as a one-year-old son with Nkululeko.

“Piwe and Nkululeko are so in love. When they had their son’s birthday party in May in Mulbarton, love was evident between the two. Now this!” the source said.

Nkululeko, former CEO of the South African National Taxi Council, is believed to have other business interests and likes spoiling his women.

“He bought Piwe a Peugeot for her birthday last November. During that birthday ceremony, his family from Newcastle came to meet Piwe and her family. We thought the next step was for Nkululeko to pay ilobolo.”

It’s alleged Nkululeko’s wife walked away from their marriage when Piwe fell pregnant, but now Piwe feels the same pain she caused another woman.

“This is shocking. So many people are involved. I hope Pearl knows what she’s getting herself into. Piwe and Nkululeko are still dating and raising their son together,” the source said.

Yesterday Pearl said: “Like everyone else, Nkululeko has a past. We’re together now. I’m not going to entertain any negativity What’s important is we love each other.”

Nkululeko said: “I do have a son with Piwe, but we’re no longer together. I’m with Pearl now and I love her.”

Yesterday, Piwe confirmed she has a child with Nkululeko.

“Nkululeko is the father of my child. I won’t comment on anything regarding Pearl.”


-Sunday Sun

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